Here’s a list of Great Movies every Architect should watch

Great Movies every Architect should watch So, following is the list, we’ve given trailers or clips of movie next to the ranking to give you an idea about the movie.

01 The Competition (2013)

The documentary invites us to reflect on the appropriateness of this common practice in architecture that makes it the only profession where you have to compete so hard and so often to achieve orders. These dynamics require so much work and extreme conditions that come to put the cap on offices and workers contributing to a climate of constant tension within the guild.


02 A Kind of Architect (2005)

Writer father and grandfather architect, Koolhaas is both: an architect who writes, a writer who builds. The documentary ‘A Kind of Architect’ is an attractive portrait that brings us to the essence of his architecture through visually stimulating images.

03 Away From all suns (1961) – Russia – Germany

Follows the story of three Muscovites who struggle to protect the architectural heritage of the city: Utopian  structures built during the years ’20. What they give us these buildings? What you lose when becoming victims of corruption or property investment? They are some of the questions your principal takes over the tape.

04 Antonio Gaudí (1984) – Japan

More than a documentary, like a poem, Teshigahara takes viewers on a trip to the truly spectacular buildings of the Catalan architect, including his masterpiece, still unfinished Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. With a bold and sensual work Teshigahara immortalizes Gaudí camera and curves of the organizational structures of their buildings in the film.

05 Kochuu: Japanese Architecture / Influence and Origin (2003)

A visually stunning film about modern Japanese architecture, rooted in Japanese tradition, and its impact on the Nordic building tradition, this film features interviews with the winners of the Pritzker Prize Tadao Ando and Sverre Fehn and Toyo Ito. A wonderful exploration of contemporary to resolve the conflict between modern man and the ancient philosophies designers.

06 Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect (1994)

Philip Johnson, one of the most creative and significant architects, was always at the forefront of stylistic change. The film describes Johnson at work, the importance of the architectural act, and the interaction of buildings with their environment, in this case, with natural elements like autumn leavesor snow in New Canaan.

07 Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (1994)

Maya Lin documentary about a Chinese-American artist responsible for the design and creation of the Memorial of veterans of the Vietnam War and other important memorials such as the Civil Rights and Montgomery, Alabama.

08 Around the day in 80 Worlds (2013) – Switzerland

It is a film project Urban Think Tank, with material collected for three years, tells the reality of informality urbanda around the world from New Dehli to Bogota, structured in an unreal world trip in one day. This documentary is based on the philosophy that the future of urban development lies in the collaboration between architects, governments, private enterprise and the global slum population.

09 Archiculture (2011) – United States

Archiculture is a documentary that examines the strengths and dangers of teaching architecture.The film follows a group of young students through their last semester at the Pratt Institute in New York. Interactions and reactions of students help illustrate the challenges of being a young aspiring architect in the world today.

10 The human scale (2012) – Denmark

Jan Gehl, Danish architect and professor, has studied human behavior in cities for 40 years. It has documented how modern cities repel human interaction and ensures that we can begin to build cities in a way that human needs of inclusion and privacy are taken into account.


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