Winners MSADA 2018

APR Hosted Awards 2018 Highlights of the competition this year outstanding designs. We are delighted to congratulate ‘APR Media Student Architecture & Design Award 2018 hosted by APR with the idea of acknowledging the works of professionals and students across the globe in architecture and design field.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

First Award | Category: Cultural
African Museum Of Art and History by HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates

Architect: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Country: Cameroon

Culture is the proof demonstrating the existence of a human group and a nation is alive when its culture stays alive. Thus, the "African Museum of Art and History" is a place of memory, meeting, debate, training, research, learning, awareness and social gathering. This is a multifunctional space that serves as exchange between visitors and the African culture.

First Award | Category: Cultural Interior
Museum of Babylonian Civilization by Omaima Altaee
Architect: Omaima Altaee
Country: Iraq

Museum of Babylonian Civilization  Humanity owed its greatest civilization to the age of Ancient Babylon which represents the cradle of religion, politics and culture. Choosing such a project to revive this legend and trying to reveal some secrets of this immortality.

First Award | Category: Hospitality
The Nature and Dream by Faiz Khalid

Architect: Faiz Khalid
Country: Pakistan

First Award | Category: Housing
Lagos Wooden Tower by HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates

Architect: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Country: Cameroon

The award-winning tower was designed and conceptualised by Cameroonian Architecture Firm, Hermann Kamte & Associates.

First Award | Category: Institutional Building
"  Built Pedagogy for Architecture and Design Education  East Campus, IP University, Soorajmal Vihar, New Delhi " by Neha Gupta
Architect: Neha Gupta
Country: India

This thesis explores the design of Architecture and Design School in Soorajmal Vihar, Delhi as proposed by the Indraprastha(IP) University for their East Campus.

First Award | Category: Landscape Design
Mind Space Meditation Park Ahmadabad Gujarat India by Rahul Arora

Architect:  Rahul Arora
Country: India

Meditation is an art of focusing the mind to a state of consciousness to achieve and realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.  

First Award | Category: Mixed Use
Bio Architecture Center by Andrea Dal Negro

Architect: Andrea Dal Negro
Country: Austria

The basic idea of the project is to give a new interpretation to architecture, dynamic, long-lasting, developed and integrated with nature by reducing its environmental impact and becoming a living and organic body. An architecture with the ability to act directly on environmental issues, which are usually solved with help of biology and biotechnology. The project wants no longer to be an end in itself and accommodate only the needs of humans, but those of nature and space in which it is inserted. It is therefore crucial to find a location that requires some type of intervention and act directly on that area.

First Award | Category: Office Building
Fine Flower-Dubai Heart by HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates

Architect: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Country: Cameroon

In2017, we have be selected and invite to an international restricted competition by Dubai Municipality to reinvent their City Waterfront by proposing an entertainment centre which could be
the new iconic place of the city under the theme “Dubai Heart”.

First Award | Category: Public Building
Hedzranawe Clinic by HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates
Architect: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Country: Cameroon

Hedzranawe Clinic is a proposal of Healthcare in Lome that won the 1st Prize in Workshop organised by EAMAU. The Hedranawe clinic will guarantee fluidity and best communication between it owns main functions.

First Award | Category: Residential
Fonz casa by Osama Nasir

Architect: Osama Nasir
Country: India

This is Osama Nasir and the team, Young Architect and students, from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, with my team members namely Nisha Gudhar, Mohd. Faiz Iqbal & Zubia Azhar.

First Award | Category: Skyscraper
Native Skyscraper by HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates

Architect: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Country: Cameroon

City is a great complexity. This is a time when architecture is facing several challenges like sustainable and smart cities. Today, office buildings occupy a very high percentage of space after residential homes. They also need too much energy and then what will be the future of the planet. How the futuristic cities will look for? How to design them?

First Award | Category: Temporary Structure Design
PIXA by HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates

Architect: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Country: Cameroon

PIXA is a flexible and modular tool or structure which can be easily assembled to create a tiny, large and largest structure by replication using a single unit. The Interior space of the steel structure is defined by two abstract natural elements “light and shades”.

First Award | Category: Transportation
Inter State Bus Terminus, Dwarka by APOORVA GUPTA

Country: India

First Award | Category: Urban Design
Ringe by Albina Davletshina

Architect: Albina Davletshina
Country: Austria

The project is situated on Manhattan as an example how can this urban design propose situated in real location. The main idea was to offer better quality of life to its inhabitants by reducing roads and increasing bicycle and walking road and green spaces for people at the same time the density remains the same as in all district. All apartments are flexible (from one- room apartment to four-room apartment) and have balconies, terraces or gardens. 


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